Camera zoom fx free download for android

Editors’ Review

Camera Zoom FX Premium combines an advanced camera mode with a powerful photo enhancer to bring you one of the best photography apps for Android.

Helps you take better shots: Thanks to its digital image stabilizer, stable indicator, and horizon level, Camera Zoom FX Premium helps you avoid the blur that ruins so many photos taken by smartphones or tablets. The app takes full advantage of all your camera’s megapixels to snap the best quality photos possible.

Neat interface & intuitive controls: All the features and effects are neatly packed in two sidebars, making them only just one or two taps away.

Moreover, the app uses a fullscreen shutter, enabling you to tap anywhere on the screen to focus and take a picture, and also supports the clever Voice Activated mode for capturing a photo by saying something loud to the camera or whistling.

Camera zoom fx free download for android

Lots of enhancement options: Once you’ve taken an image, you can enhance it with over 100 filters and 20 frames, as well as insert into it famous people, like Barrack Obama or the Queen of England. The app features all the effects you’ll ever need, and an addictive random effects mode, which keeps you tapping.

Flash toggling: You can’t just select a flash mode but have to toggle through all of them (including a torch mode) until you find the one you need.

Bottom Line

Offering all the features you need from a mobile camera, Camera Zoom FX Premium turns out to be a hard-to-resist improvement over your default camera app. If you’re looking for a complete camera app for your smartphone or tablet and don’t mind paying a few dollars for it, this should be your first choice.

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