Blue scanner android download

The Five Best Android Scanner Apps For Your Droid Device

The digital age may have changed how we do business and keep track of records, but no matter how prevalent computers get, it seems as if those little white sheets of paper may never go away. Thankfully, Android phones are more than capable of placing paper on the computer screen.

While no ordinary scanner apps come close to the data-crunching abilities of the Neat mobile app. here are the top 5 alternative Android scanner apps found on the App Store:

5. PDF Scanner

Blue scanner android download

Of all the scanner android apps available, few are simpler and easier to use than PDF Scanner. Simply tap the screen to focus and scan, then send, save, or scan another page. Make sure to carefully frame and focus, though, as this $1.99 app doesn’t come with the cropping and editing tools its more expensive counterparts do.

4. Droid Scan Pro PDF

Droid Scan Pro has all of the tools you could ask for in a scanner android app, but comes with a unique feature that many similar apps don’t possess. It will bring you straight to your system camera, whereas most other scanning apps will use their own interface. Some users find that nice, and at $4.99 it’s a great deal as well.

3. Document Scanner

With a clean and powerful interface, Document Scanner can scan straight to PDF with ease. It also comes with many image enhancement features not found in other applications, but lacks the same cropping functions as the apps that top this list. As a bonus, Document Scanner can also upload straight to Google Docs, DropBox, and Evernote as well. With a free trial version and a $3.98 full version, it’s a great app to try out.

2. Scan To PDF

This app scores most of its points from its incredibly simple interface, but comes with great image processing and editing tools as well. It also utilizes the system camera. The cropping function may take a while to get used to, but at the low price of $.99, this app proves a great deal.

Easy to use, CamScanner has the most features of any scanner android app. With auto-detected edges, powerful cropping tools, and a slick drag-and-snap image tuning capability, no app on the App Store can compare. If the free version doesn’t work completely for you, the $4.99 full version will more than get the job done.

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