Gdesk android for nokia 5233 free download

GDesk for Nokia 5800 XpressMusic Free Download

GDesk is a customizable and extendable desktop system.

Icons can be placed on the desktop representing applications, page links and plug-ins; these can then be launched by tapping them.

Plug-ins can be added at any time and as required; further plug-in functionality will be provided over time.

Version 0.34 updates:

* Color dialog for landscape mode fix

* Missed call action for S60 3rd fix

* Menu color options added (menu, menu outline, menu highlight, menu hightlight outline)

* InfoView more font sizes added

* Bitmapped digital clock updates fix

* Dialer app launch on S60 5th fix

* Fullscreen landscape mode fix

Gdesk android for nokia 5233 free download

* Selection will be set off from icon after tapping on it (or using hotkey). Menu option added to disable new behaviour (Settings->Keep selection).

* Green key is available for hot-key selection again

* Disabled periodic updates of non-visible plugin icons

* Disabled periodic updates of all plugin icons, if GDesk in background

* Option "Settings->Orientation", to chose and fix desired orientation mode

* "Larger Size" option now correctly updates and save it’s state

* Crash on activating "Call type" shortcut fix

* Alias shown in to: field instead of number

* Autorotation craches fix

* Dialog crashes, when on-screen keyboard orientation not the same as current GDesk’s fix (‘Set caption’, for example)

* Non-fulscreen status pane corrupted with extra icons on GDesk startup fix

* Plugin updates, which located on the top of screen in non-fulscreen mode fix

* Plugin menu crash fix (taskmanager, for example) with ‘Keep selection’ option unchecked

* "Discard changes" glitch fix (when this action selected on scrolled page)

* Transparency option added in all color selection dialogs (it’s just above ok/cancel buttons)

* Correct outline for digital bitmapped clock, when selecting/dragging

* "Vertical align" option in notepad

* "Clear text" option in notepad

* Notepad, AgnView plugin change: Transparency can be set from standard dialog now (No more separate menu option)

* ‘1’/’7′ keys can now be used in Color dialog to change transparency

Gdesk android for nokia 5233 free download

* "Export Desktop" option now functions properly. No more missed icons/design parts in gdd file (designers should re-export their designs).

* "Missed calls" indicator in InfoView (if bitmapped – 10 segments max). Caps version only.

* "Current profile" indicator. Caps version only. In text mode – ‘*’ is added to the name of profile to indicate, that profile is in silent mode. Custom icon could be set – it should have 7 segments (first 6 for every standard profile, and the 7th for all custom). when tapped – shows list of profiles to chose from.

* "Messages" indicator action (shows incoming folder)

* "Missed calls" indicator action (shows missed calls log)

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