Vlc for android 2.2 download

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Все наши расходы покрыты за счет пожертвований наших пользователей. Если вам нравится пользоваться продуктом VideoLAN, то пожалуйста, пожертвуйте, чтобы поддержать нас.

Новости и обновления

Блоги разработчиков

32nd VideoLAN report Another year, and another week working on VLC and VideoLAN. Happy New Year 2016! Features and changes VLC Another week started with improvements on the new HTTP/2 stack. We mostly got support for HTTPS through[. ]

31st VideoLAN report After the holiday season, this is the last of the weekly reports for 2015 for VideoLAN and VLC development!

Technically, we’re already in 2016, but this report will cover the last 2 weeks of 2015 and only a few days[. ]

libdvdcss 1.4.0 For once, just a very short blogpost, to announce that libdvdcss 1.4.0 is out! This release is a major release of libdvdcss, released a bit more than one year after 1.3.0. It’s focused on stability, cleaning, deprecating[. ]

Vlc for android 2.2 download

30th week of VideoLAN reports And, closing to holidays season, another week goes by, another weekly report about VideoLAN and VLC development you get! Features and changes VLC/ChromeOS release If you’ve missed it, this week, we [. ]

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[mgovmag] VideoLAN تجلب برنامج VLC الشهير إلى منصة Apple TV @VLC @videolan @Dubaismartgov @appletv https://t.co/O50NRKSdJO

[data_nerd] Quick guide to VLC app for Apple TV – Apple TV’s new beta version tvOS 9.2 has some noteworthy features, but vi. https://t.co/mtKmu0SjeV

[videolan] VLC is one of the first Open Source & Copyleft applications on the Apple TV. Do you know any other? #copyleft #opensource

[theglennkelly] @videolan love the #AppleTV #vlc app. Works fab using SMB to my Mac. No more time wasted converting. Direct playback of all files. Well done

[videolan] VLC is now available for the Apple TV! Read all your media on your new Apple Box! https://t.co/bipBEjyxOx https://t.co/BiBGNlxrwV

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