Traktor dj download for android

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I'm sorry to break your bubble to both of you but i'm running FL Studio Mobile on my Nexus 7 without major latency and we are talking about an app to compose music which is much heavier resource-wise. If you look attentively at the negative reviews of FL Studio Mobile, you will notice that latency issues are dependent on the hardware you have. Do the research, it will speak for itself. Maybe if I have time I will try to post a video of my own device but for now you can take my word for it.

The problem is that the Android OS is catered to a lot of different manufacturers due to its open source nature. Because of that, manufacturers do not create a standard hardware specification the way the IPAD is. So the result is an OS that can perform good under certain circumstances but not on other devices, specifically the ones that are cheap. The reliability is not there between devices, but you will also notice that a lot of devices experience no latency with high end audio programs that are heavier.

Quote from Google website proving their OS is not an issue with latency:

"Android 4.2 improves support for low-latency audio playback, starting from the improvements made in Android 4.1 release for audio output latency using OpenSL ES, Soundpool and tone generator APIs. These improvements depend on hardware support — devices that offer these low-latency audio features can advertise their support to apps through a hardware feature constant. New AudioManager APIs are provided to query the native audio sample rate and buffer size, for use on devices which claim this feature."

Trust me. If I have no latency with mine running Nexus 7 then it's not the OS.

Traktor dj download for android

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