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Using OmniFocus With Third-Party Android Clients

We do not support third-party clients for Android or any other platform.

An app named Quantus Tasks [previously released under the name AndroidFocus] recently appeared in the Google Play Store. Shortly thereafter, we saw another app released under the name FocusGTD. These apps refer to themselves as “An OmniFocus client for Android”, and can connect to an Omni Sync Server account in order to sync with the OmniFocus database that is stored there. To be clear, Quantus Tasks and FocusGTD are not Omni Group products, and we are unable to assist customers with using either of these apps or any other third-party clients.

We believe that you should have control of your own data, and OmniFocus therefore uses an open file format just like the rest of our applications. Customers need to be aware, however, that reverse-engineering sync in the way that Quantus Tasks and FocusGTD appear to have done can make for unpredictable results. That means it’s theoretically possible that using Quantus Tasks or FocusGTD will cause data loss which our Support Humans are not equipped or able to help you recover from. For this reason we can’t recommend using these applications.

Omnifocus android download

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