Msn android app download


MSN Moneys News gets the latest finance news from

1. Allow offline reading after sync.

2. Includes RSS feeds for Latest News, Market Watch news and Top Stocks news.

3. Ticker quote summary and Ticker News feeds.

4. Add unlimited tickers as you want.

Msn android app download

5. Featuring fully interactive stock charting with up to 12 stock indicator overlays.

6. Allow multiple add of ticker symbols in search pop-up.

7. Allow reordering of ticker symbols and multiple delete (click on pencil icon).

8. Linkify news detail page to show shortcut for Stock Chart (supported only in MSN Money News Plus) and Stock News. You can now click on any Stock symbol link in detail page to directly navigate to Stock Chart or Stock News.

2. Add support to Stock Indexes quote summary in Ticker News tab.

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