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From AVIJIT GHOSH: Holo Camera+ is a source compiled, minimalistic version of the AOSP Android 4.3 Camera, which has all the features needed for high speed photo capturing and viewing, with added goodies. It also includes the Stock Android Gallery, which provides a smooth experience!Holo Camera+ is designed to work with all devices running Android 4.0 ( ICS ) and higher. Holo Camera+ has the following features: CAMERA:- 3 modes: camera, video recorder and panorama- Android 4.3 ARC UI- Volume Rocker as Camera Shutter- New FX modes- New Scene modes- Silent mode (might not work on some devices)- Pinch to zoom- Picture quality setting (low/medium/high/ultra)- Timer- Burst mode- Thumbnail Review- Guidelines ( work in progress )- Video quality adjustable- HDR Support- MORE.

And some more coming soon. GALLERY:- Ultra fast photos and videos viewer- Grid view/Filmstrip view- Swipe to delete- Slideshow mode- TONS of cool new features!!- A VERY POWERFUL Image editor.NOTE:If you like this app, would you please please rate me 5 stars. ) And if something is not right, would you please please email me before giving bad reviews? If I cannot fix your problem, you can rate me bad, but please, let me know about your issues personally, because this app is in regular development.KNOWN BUG:There are crashes on some Samsung Devices. This is not the app’s fault, but it is because of how the Samsung Cameras work. I’m working on a fix.FAQ:Q: What makes Holo Camera+ so special?A: Holo Camera+ is the first source compiled Android 4.3 Camera and Gallery app on the Play Store. While everyone else is busy adding tons of features, we decided to remove the fancy ones, and keep only the bare minimal necessary for a smooth and crisp, lag free Camera experience. Over the weeks, we have been optimizing and minimizing things inside, and the result is clear: While the normal Android 4.3 Camera size is around 17 MB, ours is only 6.25 MB. We removed unnecessary libs and resources, and thus achieved two goals: To reduce app size and increase smoothness, and to make the App compatible across a huge array of older devices, which do not have the JB System Libs. It has been VERY difficult to browse through the entire Android 4.3 Source, and to find out the System Libs and Classes, and backport them for the Apk to compile. Also, Renderscript is broken on the New ADT, and I had to work hard for over a week to fix it. I hope everyone will enjoy this outcome.UPDATE: As of version 1.2, I decided to put back the features since everything is working now. However, Photosphere is still removed as it isn’t opensource. Q: What about Photo Sphere and other features?A: Unfortunately, PhotoSphere isn’t opensource, and we are not allowed to publish such apps on Play Store.Thank you for supporting me (the Dev)! I am a High School student and every few purchases helps me to buy books. Please feel free to mail me regarding issues, and I’ll try my best to fix them.Also, a BIG thanks to Google for their AOSP Source Code. With them, this app would have been nowhere.Thanks, and keep enjoying this app, and please, I’ve been working very hard to make sure the app runs smooth and all optimizations work on older devices, so if you like my effort, please leave a 5 star rating. )Thanks and lots of love!!Recent changes:Version 1.3Rebuilt all jni libraries, thereby reducing app size by 1.5MB. The app should now be faster. Streamlined HW Optimizations for ARM based devices. )Version 1.4Improved compatibility with devices having no back camera. Fixed a force close in filters. Now compatible with 500 new devices. Content rating: Low Maturity

Android 4.3 camera download

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Android 4.3 camera download

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