Adobe photoshop touch for android free download

Adobe Photoshop Touch (Tablets) for Android

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Professional graphic edition now available in the screen of your Android tablet; work from where you want.

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Adobe photoshop touch for android free download

Adobe Photoshop Touch brings the best characteristics of the suite of graphic edition most popular of the market adapted to the capacities of a tablet. plus series of special options that take advantage completely of its characteristics.

Create image compositions and designs with the best tools of Photoshop in your tablet: layers, effects, filters. settings and all the functionalities that the giant of Adobe has fully adapted to mobile devices to make the usage even easier with the movement of your fingers.

The tools of this version have been adapted so it is even easier to extract a piece of an image. Simply, make a drawing of the figure that you want to extract and use the function of improve border to adjust the cutting of the borders to the more imprecise borders. You will be able to create as many layers as you want and fill its areas and spaces directly with the images that you get from the camera of your device.

You will be able to work with images in high quality and use pictures of up to 12 megapixels. Inside the app, you will find a system of integrated search so you can import the images that you find in Google. Adobe Photoshop Touch for Android Tablets include a practical and complete tutorial so users can learn to use all the different tools that it has and a complete styles gallery and of designs so you can check what this graphic editor can do.

Together with Photoshop Touch, you will get a free subscription to the service storage in the cloud. Adobe Creative Cloud, where you will have 2 GB to store all your designs and files of Photoshop that later you will be able to keep on editing in other Android devices or in your PC. The files of Photoshop Touch are compatible with Photoshop CS5 and CS6.1 so you can continue in your computer the work that you started in the tablet.

Also, you can share your works with PS Touch in Facebook and Twitter. so you can show to all your contacts how amazing are the designs that you are able to do with a good suite of photographic edition.

If you are looking for the apps with the most complete tools and the most efficient for the photographic edition, Adobe Photoshop Touch for Android Tablets is what you are looking for.

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