Android vnc server 0.2 apk download

Android VNC Server 0.2

If you want to be able to access your phone remotely, you may want to try out Android VNC Server, developed by XDA forum member onaips .

Android vnc server 0.2 apk download

The app lets you connect to your Android device remotely via WiFi or USB. Connecting via USB requires port 5901 forwarding from device to PC using the following adb command –> adb forward tcp:5901 tcp:5901, then connect to localhost:5901 from your VNC client.

  • GUI to start/stop server and set password
  • Set password to access
  • Input events are handled by uinput (no need to manually set devices)
Android vnc server 0.2 apk download

Requires root.

The app is available to download free in the Market.  For more information, visit the application thread.

download link here