Photoshop cs5 for android free download

The best graphics editing program

If there’s a leading tool in the professional photo enhancement and design field, it’s undoubtedly Photoshop. Over the years, Adobe’s program has managed to become a standard for the processing and edition of digital images. equipped with unique functions and features.

The tool of reference in the image enhancement and design field

All its features make this program one of the most powerful you can find to enhance images and create illustrations and graphics, both in 2D and 3D.

Its results combine creativity and accuracy to work on any aspect of an image. The fact is that, thanks to its multilayer working capacity, its color enhancement and control or its thorough type processing, it has ended up becoming one of the favorite tools of many graphics professionals, without forgetting that many ordinary users turn to it due to its steep learning curve.

The favorite software of a large amount of image professionals.

Some of Photoshop’s functions and features

  • Smart sharpen technology to adjust images to their natural aspect.
  • Perspective warp.
  • Stabilization of camera images.
  • Automatic storage of layers and layer groups as image files in a single folder.
  • Link to images of elements stored in folders to reuse them in several documents.
  • Support for 3D printing.
  • Upsampling of images with a smart resolution scale.
  • Support for intuitive path editing.
  • Integration with Adobe Edge Reflow.
  • Function for background save and auto-recovery.

Also for videos and animations

But this software doesn’t only work on images, it also deals with videos and animations. It incorporates great functions for the creation and edition of videos. to which we can add transitions, effects and audio, being able to make use of a timeline that grants access to lights, meshes and materials.

Improved workflow thanks to Creative Cloud

The advantages of Creative Cloud are noticed as they improve our workflow and productivity. We’re talking about a perfect cloud integration. being able to save our work online, share it or access it from wherever we are. Collaborative work with CC is also enhanced allowing us to improve how we combine any project with the rest of Adobe’s applications. All the latter without forgetting about updates accessible from the very moment they become available.

Photoshop cs5 for android free download

With regard to graphics design and image enhancement, Adobe Photoshop CC is an unrivaled application.

Changes in the latest version

  • Linked assets to make it easier to update changes.
  • More layer styles.
  • Simplification of complex 3D models.
  • Improvements to Adobe Camera Raw 9.1.
  • Realistic blurs with additive noise.

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