Adobe flash lite 4 android download

Flash Lite 4 features

Improved interactivity and navigation

Flash Lite 4 offers various features to improve the interactivity and navigation for users of mobile devices. Some of these features are present in earlier versions of the Flash Player but not supported in Flash Lite. These features are now supported in Flash Lite 4.

Multi-touch support

Text and font enhancements

Flash Player 10 text engine

RTMP data channel


New device APIs



The Accelerometer enables you to obtain the acceleration data of a device through an accelerometer sensor installed on the device.

This data represents the location of the device along a three-dimensional axis or the movement of the device along the three-dimensional axis. For more information, see Accelerometer .

Adobe flash lite 4 android download

Shared object behavior changes

The shared object implementation in Flash Lite 4 is fully compatible with Flash Player 10 SWF files.

Flash Lite 4 supports all methods of the ActionScript 3.0 SharedObject class. A SWF file runs the same way in Flash Lite 4 as it does on Flash Player 10. The only difference is that there is no Settings Manager on the device. As a result, the storage size of a shared object is restricted to less than 100 kb per domain. If the storage size increases above 100 kb, then shared object transactions fail.

Mobile devices generally have less storage and memory capacities. By restricting the storage size, you reduce the disk storage and access overhead on these devices. For more information about remote shared objects, see .

Adobe flash lite 4 android download

Note: Any new content in ActionScript 3.0 must be authored according to Flash Player 10 documentation.

Remote shared objects

With Flash Lite 4, you can create and use remote shared objects. These objects are shared in real time by all clients connected to your application. If a client changes the property of a remote shared object, the change is applicable for all other clients that are connected.

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